Meet Legacy


“Not everybody has a reasonable family to stay with.”

Legacy ran away from an abusive household, beginning a 4-year long period of homelessness. As she waited for more permanent housing, she bounced back and forth between shelters and organizations where she was often the only girl and the youngest person there.

“I’ve lost so many friends because I was homeless. How can you explain to someone who is not going through that situation that you have to be in bed by a certain time?”

Because most shelters have curfews, balancing work, school, and friendships was difficult for Legacy, but she still worked as a security guard and pursued a medical assistance certification.

“Just like everybody else we have hobbies, we have goals and aspirations—not everybody just wants to sit there and be at the same level.”

Legacy encourages everyone to challenge similar stereotypes and embrace small acts of kindness along the way.

“A simple hi, or a hey you're pretty, or you’re beautiful, goes a very, very long way.”

Currently, Legacy is a NYC Youth Action Board member and is pursuing a career in cosmetology. She has secured housing and has also accomplished another long-term goal: adopting a cat.


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