Meet Tyrian


“My dad and I got into an argument, and he pretty much escorted me to a shelter.”

After a family conflict, Tyrian entered the shelter system and worked her way up to transitional housing. Like many homeless individuals, Tyrian worked during this period while also pursuing her dream of dancing. However, gigs often ended late at night, and Tyrian had to break curfew. This led to write-ups, and she was eventually forced back to emergency housing.

“If I can’t trust my family to have my back, or to call and vent to them, I’m not going to want to open up to just somebody else. I felt like I was alone.”

Housing insecurity has also influenced Tyrian’s personal relationships. She once cut ties with someone after they posted videos of an unhoused individual sleeping on the train with the caption “get your lazy ass up,” and she still struggles to reach out to other friends even when they offer to talk. However, her housing voucher process is now complete and she is currently celebrating a place of her own.

“Not only do I have a roof over my head, but it’s also my place that I get to call home.”

Tyrian can be found supporting her friends at The Door, dancing hip hop and vogue, and watching one of her favorite shows, Glee.


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