Meet Ryon

“My whole history is based off homelessness.”

Ryon entered the shelter system as a toddler and has been in and out since. For Ryon, shelters have provided food, warmth, and connection, but schools were a completely different story. Taunting from classmates—as well as a lack of understanding from teachers—contributed to feelings of isolation and othering. Circumstances outside of school—like having to bathe in cold water before walking to class in freezing temperatures—also contributed to Ryon dropping out.

“I would get taunted at. It got to the point where anyone who was kind to me would also get targeted. That’s when I knew I had to drop out.”

However, Ryon is still encouraged by the kindness of others, whether it’s another kid in the shelter offering their Gameboy to play with, or the compassion shown by the volunteers and team at City Relief.

“It gives me confidence that I’m not fighting this fight on my own.”

As of today, Ryon stays in a shelter and continues to spend time with friends at City Relief. Ryon is also an aspiring comic book artist who loves playing video games, anime, and Japanese punk music.


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