Meet Brian


“You don’t have to give them nothing, but you can show compassion.”

Brian has experienced homelessness off and on for 15 years. He has couch surfed between friends' houses, girlfriends’ houses, and shelters, where he’s witnessed fights and the clashing of different personalities forced into one room. Throughout his experience, Brian has noticed that many folks may not even bother to say “good morning,” but a few go above and beyond—like Josiah Haken.

“I hang out with Josiah every weekend. His kids call me Uncle Brian. When he doesn’t hear from me, he knows something is wrong.”

Brian and Josiah met through City Relief, a mobile outreach organization that offers meals, resources, and community to unhoused individuals. Now, their relationship has evolved into a genuine friendship that feels like family.

“Josiah and his friends, anything I need they get it for me. They won’t take my money so I find ways around it. I pay for lunch. I give his kids money. I give his son Jordans.”

As of today, Brian is a paid intern at Project Renewal. In his off time he loves drawing with charcoal and pastels, as well as listening to thrash and metal.


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