1.1 million American students are homeless.

There are nearly 1.1 million homeless students 7 in America. While some of those students experience street homelessness, most are living in shelters or youth homes. Millions of other housing-insecure students who may not be counted in broad data and surveys are living in cars, doubled up with relatives or friends, or couch-surfing for months on end. Students who struggle to find a place to sleep each night often struggle academically 8, and are far less likely than their peers to graduate.

With a total enrollment of nearly 1.1 million students, New York is the largest public school district in the world, and more than 100,000 9 of those students—or 1 out of 10—are experiencing a form of homelessness and/or housing insecurity.

What Can Help

School nurses and guidance counselors, Title 1 school funding, foster care services, clothing and school supply drives, mentorship programs, in-school wraparound family services, supportive arts & sports programming.


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